When it comes to lifting heavy machinery, we’ve got the moves down pat

Project Cranes and Rigging have a comprehensive range of heavy equipment moving services that can ensure the cost-effective, safe relocation, or removal of heavy machinery and large-scale equipment right across the Greater Melbourne area.

Specialising in factory relocations and industrial moves, our experienced team can carry out the effective handling, removal, and relocation of a range of machinery and equipment types. Whether it is a complete large-scale haul of an entire production plant or factory, or the more complex dismantling and transportation of delicate items such as aircraft, Project Cranes and Rigging have the skill and precision to safely execute the move.

Utilising our fleet of modern cranes, we can effectively navigate a variety of spaces allowing us to undertake large industrial relocations as well as tight access jobs including heavy equipment moving within an existing site. Our state-of-the-art equipment has the capability to handle a wide range of lift loads and machinery dimensions. To find out whether Project Cranes and Rigging can accommodate your machinery move requirements contact us today.

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A comprehensive service that takes the load off

Our unparalleled level of experience makes Project Cranes and Rigging the leading choice when it comes to heavy equipment moving in Melbourne. We offer a quality end-to-end service that can accommodate every aspect of machinery moves from concept and planning right through to delivery. Our experienced team can handle the assembly, disassembly, lifting, and lowering of all your machinery components. From our base in Melbourne, we can arrange and oversee the safe transportation of equipment to locations Australia-wide.

We prioritise safety at the forefront of all our operations and, as such, take great care to ensure that you won’t have any concerns regarding hazards, risks, or the potential of any incurring damage to your machinery.

Project Cranes & Rigging mobile crane hire Melbourne lifting concrete

Let our specialist team take care of the heavy lifting

If you’re in need of large-scale machinery relocation, whether that be an entire factory or a single specialised piece, you can’t go past the premier service provided by the team at Project Cranes and Rigging. As Melbourne’s leading crane hire specialist, we have the equipment and expertise to successfully carry out a range of machinery moves no matter the requirements. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and receive an obligation free quote

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